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We Service All Brands

The staff at Turboexpanders.com is dedicated to this mission:

To provide no-compromises service for your turboexpanders, regardless of the OEM. Our focus is with turboexpanders originally supplied by Rotoflow® including GE Rotoflow and Atlas Copco Rotoflow. We have successful experience and references with all leading turboexpander brands.

We are your One-Stop turbo expander workshop whose primary mission is to provide genuine OEM-style services for your Airco, Cryostar, GPS, Hunter, LA Turbine, Lotema, Lucas, Mafi-Trench Company (MTC), Rotoflow®, or Texas Turbine turboexpanders.  If your OEM no longer meets your needs, and you wish to avoid the high risk of inexperienced independent workshops,  you have come to the right place.   We look forward to hearing from you!

We are a large technology company with our focus exclusively in turboexpanders.  Our impressive facilities are dedicated solely to turboexpanders and our staff of turboexpander engineers is the most experienced in the industry.  Massive investments in recent years have enhanced our capabilities to match the market needs; over 160-tons of crane capacity and multiple test cells allow dozens of oil-bearing and magnetic-bearing systems to be worked simultaneously.  To meet demand and maintain industry-leading deliveries, large custom CNC machining centers were added between 2008 and 2011.  Many improvements were completed in 2011 including office expansions, test-stand upgrades, and a major upgrade to our manufacturing capacity.  2013 has already seen the introduction of many new service offerings throughout our worldwide service centers.  All this to be certain that turboexpander users throughout the world obtain the professional service they require.
Our proven experience includes successful projects on Rotoflow turboexpanders as well as those originally supplied through Airco, Atlas Copco Rotoflow, Cryostar, Mafi-Trench Company (MTC), GPS, Geliymash, Hunter, LA Turbine, Linde, Lotema, Lucas, Sulzer, Texas Turbines, and Turbodyne.  More than  1000 projects have been successfully completed on Rotoflow turboexpanders throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, Russia/CIS, Africa, and the Middle East.  Many more projects on Rotoflow turbo-expanders are currently under refurbishment in our workshops.  Please browse our website and then contact us with questions or to schedule a facilities visit.

If GE Rotoflow® is your turbo-expander OEM and you would like to find a proven alternative OEM, please allow us the opportunity to be your supplier for all your Rotoflow turboexpander needs.  Spare parts, repairs, field support, training, troubleshooting, testing, rerates on through to complete replacement turbines--it's all here with user references including Pemex, Sonatrach, OMV, IPCL, Qapco, QP, Gasco, PDO, Shell, XOM, BP, Texaco, Refinor, PTT, PetroChina, Air Products, Air Liquide, Gazprom, Chevron, and dozens more.

Supported turboexpanders include:
  • Turboexpanders with oil friction brake – dynamometer load
  • Turbo-expanders with generator load
  • Turboexpanders with compressor load
  • Geothermal turboexpander products
  • Expansion turbines in LPG or other gas processing service
  • Turbo-expanders in nitrogen or other industrial gas services
  • Expansion turbines in ethylene or other petrochemical services
  • Expansion turbines in dew point control offshore service
  • Turboexpanders in power recovery or pressure letdown service
  • Expanders with oil lubricated bearings
  • Expanders with magnetic bearings
  • Turbine expanders with air, process gas, or foil bearings


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