Turboexpanders can be used in many different applications, including gas processing, air separation, power generation, energy recovery, jet engine testing and cryogenic refrigeration.  The expander-compressor configuration is most common, but expanders are also frequently connected to generators to produce electricity, or to oil brakes when it is not economical to recover the energy.  Whether you already own a turboexpander and require support services that the OEM is no longer able to provide or you are considering investing in a new turboexpander, is prepared to provide the products and services you require.  Scroll down for a brief overview of our products, or navigate directly to the relevant page from the navigation bar above.


New turboexpanders

Whether you are interested in adding a turboexpander to an existing plant to increase efficiency or planning a new installation, we are ready to design, build, test and install a new turboexpander tailored to your specific needs.




Green Energy Turboexpanders

Expander generators are ideal for low temperature geothermal power generation and waste heat recovery, as they are reliable, high efficiency machines that are capable of operating at design conditions with over 40% liquid by mass at the expander outlet.  Many different sizes are available, ranging from 1 to 15MW per unit, each custom engineered to operate efficiently over a wide range of customer specified design conditions.


Replacement Turboexpanders

Turboexpanders are robust machines typically capable of decades of useful service, but as with all machinery, they cannot operate indefinitely, even with the most meticulous maintenance.  Changing process conditions, lack of OEM support, unreliable operation and expensive repairs requiring extended downtime may all contribute to make it more beneficial to replace the machine entirely.  We offer flange to flange replacement units, delivered ready to be dropped in using the same connections as the old unit, minimizing lost operating time.



When a turboexpander is running at low efficiency due to changes in process conditions, but is otherwise functional, redesigning only the aerodynamic components and a few other critical parts is a cost effective way to correct performance issues.



Some parts have become obsolete, or perform poorly relative to newer designs, and we offer upgrades that can obviate recurring problems or increase performance without having to make major changes to the unit.



Spare Parts

Many turboexpander parts should be kept on site, ready to be installed as part of regular maintenance or to minimize downtime in case of a problem.  We are able to supply spare parts for all makes of turboexpanders, from simple o-rings to custom wheels and seals.



Instrumentation & Control

Just as with the mechanical components of a turboexpander, the electrical components eventually need to be replaced.  Some components, such as vibration and speed probes, should be replaced regularly to ensure accurate readings.  Older turboexpanders have obsolete systems, and would benefit from having the instrumentation and control system replaced.  A problem in the instrumentation and control system can prevent you from being able to predict and react to mechanical problems, which could lead to expensive repairs, plant downtime, or even catastrophic failure.