Troubles with your Rotoflow® turboexpander system are normally rare; however even the best systems may provide unexpected or undesireable results occasionally.  In those instances, you will find we are prepared and qualified to provide the support you require.  We house a large staff of turboexpander engineers whose sole mission is to support your operations.  Please contact us to receive an immediate offer of support.

We solve Rotoflow nozzle segment issues:

turboexpander IGVRub

We solve Rotoflow, Airco and Cryostar impeller failures, including in-house resonance tuning:

turboexpander 6411stressmodel-2

We solve magnetic bearing issues on Rotoflow and Cryostar turboexpanders:

These are just a few of the more common problems we can solve.  Please contact us and let us use our extensive knowledge to get your turboexpander running smoothly again.