Replacement Turboexpanders

Turbo Expaner service workOver the typical turboexpander installation lifespan, the operating conditions often will have changed significantly from the original design. These changing conditions frequently justify the re-rating of the turboexpander to optimize its performance.  Other reasons may include chronic wheel failures, sticking inlet nozzles, thrust problems, excessive vibration, and excessive seal gas consumption.  To address process changes, turboexpander suppliers have traditionally provided re-rated flow-path components which are then field installed during a specified plant turnaround window.

With the traditional method, the common need to reuse or field modify the existing housings adds mechanical and schedule risk and can limit the overall performance and flow range of the re-rated equipment. A field installed re-rate of a turboexpander must be managed carefully as the new components are typically delivered untested, and performance is not confirmed until the plant is returned to service.  Machinery performance deficiencies identified during plant re-commissioning must often be accepted as-is due to potentially conservative guarantees provided by the OEM.

The Flange2FlangeTM Option

To provide our customers with a reduced risk option, we have introduced the Flange2FlangeTM program that allows for complete machine replacement including casings fabricated from weldments. In the case of existing turboexpanders not originally supplied by us, this offering allows a complete set of welded casings to be designed, fabricated and installed into existing unmodified process piping. This method enables the turboexpander to be treated as a completely new design, with new parts and technology, facilitating maximum performance for the given envelope.

Before undertaking a machine replacement, careful attention is paid to material specifications, plant design requirements as well as applicable industry/plant standards.  After manufacturing, the new machine components are factory tested to API / PTC standards in our shop prior to shipping. Installing the replacement turboexpander reduces overall turn-around time, uncertainty, and risk because the reuse or modification of existing turboexpander parts is not required. A Flange2Flange™ replacement of an existing turboexpander brings “new unit” benefits compared to a ‘loose parts re-rate’ option.

Flange2FlangeTM Features

  • Effective alternative to re-rating existing equipment
  • Short installation times
  • Highest available efficiency and guarantee
  • Incorporate the latest bearing, seal and inlet guide vane technology
  • Incorporate improved instrumentation
  • Factory testing with as-built curves provided
  • Reduced start-up risk
  • Re-use existing support systems
  • Aftermarket support of “entire” package

Email us at or give us a call at +1-805-352-9093 to find out how a Flange2FlangeTM replacement unit can help you resolve your turboexpander troubles.